About us

Home Kare are proud to be the longest serving Property Specialists operating on the Hacienda Del Alamo Golf Resort.

Karine, the owner of Home Kare, has lived and worked in Spain since 1997, having transferred from the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Charles de Gaulle in Paris and then to the Hyatt Principe Felipe Hotel in La Manga Club, now currently Grand Hyatt.

Due to a combination of beautiful climate, incredible cuisine and wonderful people, she knew quickly knew that Murcia and The Costa Calida were the ideal place for her to settle down and start a family.

Having managed one of the larger property management companies in La Manga Club for nearly 10 years, Karine's introduction to the Resort of Hacienda del Alamo was by way of the initial set up of the Resort's own Management Company whilst she worked in the main sales office from the beginning of the project. She realized that her managerial expertise would be best utilised in her own company and she decided to set up "Home Kare".

Karine is passionate about home design and decoration, and whenever possible, visits showrooms, factories and suppliers to keep up to date with the latest trends within the industry. Her flair for design is matched by her ability to organise efficiently and the combination is a perfect mix for her to successfully manage multiple renovation building projects at the same time.

Karine is skilled in all areas of the business, including Property Sales, Rental Management and Customer Liaison, but over the years has carefully selected and assembled a team of specialists who excel in their own division of the Business. As a hands-on manager, Karine helps to lead and develop her team and constantly looks for ways to improve her brand within the Resort.

Juani's primary role is to manage owner reservations and Home Kare generated bookings, updating all of the rental details on the various portals that Home Kare use, including: Booking.com, TripAdvisor and Airbnb, to name a few. She is extremely well organised and efficient and works hard to keep the properties booked throughout the year. She is a native of Fuente Alamo so she is the person who knows the area best.

She is also the accounts manager, so she takes care of all the accounting management of the properties.

Lola heads up the Sales team, with over 20 years working in sales and customer service, she brings a wealth of experience to Home Kare. She has a personable approach, has exceptional organisation skills and is driven to get our clients the best deal for them. She is highly professional, presentable and is fluent in Spanish and English.

Lola was born in Cartagena and has lived there all her life, but she also has family in Fuente Alamo and knew the area before joining Home Kare.

Patricia "Pato" is Argentinian by origin, now lives in Murcia and has been working with us for nearly 2 years. She looks after the wellbeing of our properties inside and out. Day to day our Long Term Rental properties and clients. She has fantastic time management and organisational skills, and she is efficient in coordinating all our supplier's maintenance staff. She is responsible for preparing the properties to owner and renter requirements; she also makes sure that the properties are regularly checked and aired, and she and she deals with all the administration with the water, electricity and internet suppliers.

We are a strong female team, working in harmony to maintain our enviable reputation on the Resort and beyond. We are very proud of our Office dynamic and leave our door open to welcome the community in at any time of the day.

Our office is in The Spanish Village on the Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort and we are open from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 6.30pm. Saturdays and Sundays are by appointment only, except in the summer when we are also open Saturdays and for longer hours.

Having spent nearly 20 years helping people on Hacienda Del Alamo to realize their dreams, there is not much that the Home Kare Team will not be able to advise you on or help you with. We are proud of our 'tried and tested' contractors and suppliers fantastic team, using mostly local Spanish companies with excellent knowledge and know how, each of our extended workforce; from maids to maintenance, cleaners to constructors, have been tested and approved to carry out specific tasks in their area of responsibility and excellence!

At Home Kare we know, that experience is everything ...